#scheme is an IRC channel on the Freenode IRC network. It is essentially the 'official' Scheme IRC channel, although there is nothing to make it 'officially' official. It is run by Riastradh, though it is very seldom necessary for any observable running to occur; the channel generally stays on the topic of Scheme (except when it turns to abuse of the bot), and there tends not to be any presence of rowdiness.

There is a bot, lisppaste?, who is to be used for pasting hunks of code that are greater than eight lines (if you've got some code that's eight or fewer lines, just paste it to the channel). Use lisppaste's #scheme page to create a new paste. Yet another bot is present in #scheme, specbot. specbot looks up symbols in the indices of R5RS, the Common Lisp HyperSpec, and the elisp reference manual. To use it, send r5rs <symbol> (or clhs, or elisp) to the channel. You can prefix the message with specbot: as well if you like.

Other Scheme-related channels include #t, for the T Revival Project; #scsh, for scsh, the Scheme Shell; #chicken, for Chicken, an implementation based on a Scheme->C compiler; #sisc, for SISC, a Java-based Scheme; and #guile, for Guile.

ATTENTION! mostly dead links follow (as usual on planet scheme)

#scheme logs can be found at http://tunes.org/~nef/logs/scheme/. Prettier logs are provided by IRClogs.

First Law of #scheme Convo-Dynamics

All conversations eventually degenerate to bot abuse.

Second Law of #scheme Convo-Dynamics

All bot abuse eventually degenerates to yow!

Third Law of #scheme Convo-Dynamics

Never abuse the bots so that they will flood the channel.

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