From the web page:

Bigloo is a Scheme implementation devoted to one goal: enabling Scheme based programming style where C(++) is usually required. Bigloo attempts to make Scheme practical by offering features usually presented by traditional programming languages but not offered by Scheme and functional programming. Bigloo compiles Scheme modules. It delivers small and fast stand alone binary executables. Bigloo enables full connections between Scheme and C programs, between Scheme and Java programs, and between Scheme and C# programs.

Bigloo is a Scheme implementation designed to be much more static, like C++, than most other Scheme environments. It also implements call-with-current-continuation very poorly: not only is it implemented by copying the stack on every continuation capture, but the compiler also requires that compilation of any module that uses the operator be preceded by a special option that cripples many optimizations that the compiler would otherwise have made.

Gripes about call/cc aside, Bigloo does have good support for foreign procedures, and a nice set of extensions, including a built-in LALR parser gernerator and support for arbitrary lexers/grammars for read.