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We organize a Scheme event in Europe at FOSDEM Bruxelles the 2 & 3 February 2019 @


Money from sponsors will be used to help speakers come from far (or not so far) lands. We still need to figure out how the money transfer will happen. Add your name and a notice on how to reach you.


Monolith for the win

Even if multi-threading is not standardized yet, some Scheme implementations offer POSIX threads support, that allow doing things impossible in other dynamic languages like building database systems. Let's dream big and make the whole project a single code base and a distributed process using Scheme from the frontend to the backend and to run database queries. Let's see how the power of Scheme allows simplifying the architecture in a way that makes microservices and so-called serverless useless.

Amirouche Boubekki aka. amz3

Web Frontend using scheme

How to create web frontend using scheme. I will present my work using GNU Guile and BiwaScheme.

Distributed applications using Flow-Based Programming on Racket

How built a cryptocurrency wallet and a graphical IDE for FBP using Racket's asynchronous channels and gui classes.


Using Nix as a Racket package manager

How racket2nix makes it possible to create local package installation environments for Racket à la Python's virtualenv or Ruby's bundle, but with the added power of native dependencies, and other even more advanced features.


Who Needs JSON when you can DSL?

How to write Domain Specific Languages in Racket and use them as a data format. Featured examples: Scribble, virtual-mpu (my own project), web-adventure (WebAssembly DSL)

Jérôme Martin aka. euhmeuh

Scheme for interactive fiction

can Guile be as simple as Twine?

Mike Gran

A Guiler's Year of Racket

Christopher Lemmer Webber

A Picture Language for Guile

Ricardo Wurmus

unnamed talk about Guile 3


Hacking free software with GNU Guix

A walkthrough of guix package -S, guix environment, guix build --source=... with a little hacking/enhancement of Haunt

Björn Höfling