LispMe is an implementation of R4RS Scheme for the Palm OS written by Fred Bayer. It is not exactly a strong Scheme implementation, but it is small enough to fit comfortably on a Palm handheld. If you want a powerful, full-featured scheme implementation, you have arrived at the wrong place: visit Scheme48, PLT-Scheme or one of the other Scheme-implementations instead. If you want a REPL for your pocket, this is the place to be. Also available is Pocket-Scheme for WinCE handhelds.

LispMe on the wiki

The Good

Because it is written for Palm OS, you can carry around a Scheme interpreter in your pocket with any Palm OS compatible device.

Hey baby, is that a REPL in your pocket, or are you happy to see me!

Hack scheme on the train! In a queue to the club! In the bath! On the toilet!

It also provides you access to the Palm OS memos (text files) with the standard scheme I/O procedures.

LispMe does implement call-with-current-continuation (as call/cc -- can you imagine writing out call-with-current-continuation in graffiti?).

On top of the standard R4RS scheme, it provides the following features:

The Bad

LispMe does provide a macro system, but it has the following limitations:

Also, LispMe does not implement the full numeric tower: it lacks rational numbers.

The Ugly