docl (aka Luke Parrish)

I like the idea of knowing the fundamentals and doing things "right", so Scheme seems like a really good idea to me. I'm also a fan of Esperanto and the Dvorak keyboard, even though I don't use either very much. Hopefully, I can find more uses for Scheme :P

I use Guile mostly because it's easily available. Perhaps I will switch to a "cooler" Scheme implementation when I have the skills to appreciate the difference. Or maybe Guile is sufficiently cool, being GNU standard and all. Anyways, it's Scheme, so it's gotta be cooler than anything else. ;-)

Another thing I am a fan of is good documentation that is easy to make sense of. Not necessarily because I can't work my way through harder stuff, but because I hate the idea of anything easy being made seem harder than it is. Scheme is a really simple language, based on simple principles. Not saying it's bad to use jargon terms, but clear definitions (not based on other jargon if you can help it) are necessary if you want to make easy things easy. I realise that can be a lot of work, and that some documentation is better than no documentation, I just want to hold that up as an ideal.


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