This page is intended for discussion about a high-level networking interface for Scheme, perhaps to be submitted as an SRFI once fleshed out. The design is inspired by Riastradh's TCP proposal, but intended to be more comprehensive and general.

I moved the proposal out of the Wiki, since WiLiKi markup doesn't lend itself to such specifications very well.



Comments by Tony Sidaway

Pretty good work. I've been doing some work along these lines over the past couple of weeks, and on reading your specification I produced some basic implementations of open-tcp-connection, connection-input-port, connection-output-port and close-connection which I ported to a number of different Scheme implementations: bigloo, chicken, gambit, gauche, guile, pltscheme and stklos. A short program to get a web page works in all these. I'll work on the server-side implementation. I'll probably also add Scm and Scheme48 pretty soon.


Very nice! Don't bother with Scheme48, however. I have a fairly complete implementation of the TCP part ready. It's part of the s42 extensions to Scheme48; a snapshot is available in http://rotty-ipv4.yi.org/~rotty/src/.