By Maxwell Hansen

#lang racket

(let ((the-dance last)
      (never rest))
  (unless the-dance 
    (is-a? 'funeral '())))
(defun the-end-of-programming ()
  (let ((Penderall (author-of (the function most-general))))
     (the function most-general)
     (not (neededp (any-other)))
     (equalp (the function most-general)
             (every possible-program in under 10 forms))
     (let ((us (funcall (the function most-general)))))))
  (define (lost-in-stupid-parentheses again) 
       (cond   ((not (fast? code)) 
                (must-be 'lisp)) 
                (must-be 'lisp)) 
               ((cant-optimise? code) 
                (must-be 'lisp)) 
               ((cant-change? variables) 
                (must-be 'lisp)) 
               ((hard-to-do? almost-everything) 
                (must-be 'lisp)) 
               ((no-arrays? (only lists)) 
                (must-be 'lisp)) 
               ((by-value-only? (even multi-megabyte-lists)) 
                (must-be 'lisp)) 
               ((and (equal? (sizeof integer) 1000000) 
                     (equal? (sizeof integer) (loadavg))) 
                (must-be 'lisp)) 
               ((because? no-I/O? (evil? side-effects))) 
                (must-be 'lisp)) 
               ((cant-find? missing-parenthesis) 
                (must-be 'lisp)) 
       (if (and  (brain-dead? your-compiler) 
                 (nonexistent? '(for while do socket fork IPC etc etc etc)) 
                 (pulled-from-head? your-hair)) 
           (lost-in-stupid-parentheses again))) 

For when I found the holy lisp
So pure the curves that are parens
With a report merely one short text
Of beauty's simplicty

I knew that lisp was for me
But then there was a choice
Of thousand page lisp's
That is when I prayed for mercy

My goddess answered my call
With the flowers of recursion
And the lexical wildflower of scope
All around the syntax tree

She said "Scheme shall show you the path
To beauty through simplicity
Not a thousand page lisp it is
But merely the essential fraction"

And I rejoiced and heeded her call
Found the purple tome of wizard's
The structure of the spells
And their interpretation

My eyes have been opened
To the spells of functions
And the beauty that lies
In the scheme that is

By r2q2


By John Carolan johnc (at) glock (dot) ie

"Reflecting in those things that might have been:
How Isaac Newton further far has seen
confronting that vast Ocean of Unknown
the shoulders that he stands on are his own.
First on his left, then his remaining hand
the half-dimensioned fractal of the strand.
Dreams (that he is dreaming in a dream)
the lithe recursive calculus of Scheme."

By Shriram Krishnamurthi

Posted to comp.lang.scheme on January 17, 1996, for Scheme's twentieth

                           ((I m a g i n e)
                   (((Imagine there's no FORTRAN)
                       (It's easy if you try)
               (No SML below us) (Above us only Y)
              (Imagine all              the people)
             (Living for                their Chez))
          ((Imagine there's          no memory leaks)
                                 (It isn't hard to do)
                                  (Nothing to malloc(3)
                                        or free(3) for)
                                   (And no (void *) too)
                                 (Imagine all the people)
                                  (Living in parentheses))
                               ((You may say I'm a Schemer)
                                 (But I'm not the only one)
                             (I hope someday you'll join us)
                                   (And the world will be as
                            (lambda (f) (lambda (x) (f x)))))
                              ((Imagine those   continuations)
                             (I wonder              if you can)
                       (No need for              C or pointers)
                   (A brotherhood                        of Dan)
                    (Imagine all                      the people)
                    (GCing all                          the world))
               ((You may say                          I'm a Schemer)
              (But I'm not                              the only one)
         (I hope someday                                you'll join us)
        (And the world                                        will be as
    (lambda (f)                                     (lambda (x) (f x)))))))


Jeremy Buhler on the Seasonal Lisp Machine

Let hackers and wireheads grovel and curse,
Chase pointers and seg fault in C;
Our LispM shall never fandango on core --
Content with hard CDR are we!

Tigger (John D. Ramsdell)

 on Scheme:

1. Double double-oh-one trouble
2. Lambda turn to double bubble
3. Params and body annotated
4. Pointing where evaluated
5. If combination be in question
6. First eval each subexpression
7. Applying first to rest yields trouble
8. When thy first be double bubble
9. To apply beget a frame
10. Where bound each value be to name
11. Point thy frame where bubbles point
12. Frame and bubble be now joint
13. Body's value in this frame
14. Is what they combo's val became

Environmental Model Poem

Unknown Author

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