And the winner is:


A logo by zarchne. Thank you very much!

We're looking for a logo for this wiki and its community. The logo will be put on the top of every wiki page, so it should be a reasonable size (196x112 works great, but deviations are of course ok - just be sure that your logo still looks good when it's resized to roughly that size!).

We will start deciding on the logo beginning from 2004-09-18.

You have as many votes as you like. The algorithm interpreter ignores more then one vote by the same person for the same logo, though. This algorithm also has a slight problem on equal parity voting. Here I just hope that Common Sense will help.

See logo-contest-discussion

Entries so far:

Images by Jonnay

[image] Identity

[image] Identity 2

[image] Two Lambdas (with respect to zarchne)

[image] Meta-Circle

I guess I am feeling very black and white today. More logos to come.

Last min sketches

These were supposed to be done up properly, and in living colour, but time wasn't on my side. If one of these is selected, I will finish it off properly.




This tipi would be embellished with some color, and a few simple scheme functions written on it (instead of the cheesy x'es)


The 3 tipis would be embellished like the previous one, and more depth, of course.

[image] [image] [image]

The Lambs are supposed to be holding up 3 signs that say "La" "Amb" "Da". They would be smaller and closer togeather.

The lambs (both bud-da and la amb da) were inspired by abarretts lambda lamb.

Images by zarchne

[image] two lambdas, symbol font

[image] five dancing lambdas

[image] dancing lambdas, embellished

[image] five dancing lambdas and a pair of parens (adapted from zarchne by Jorgen-Schäfer after an idea of mmmdonuts)

Images by r2q2

[image] Lambda-pastel

Images by abarrett?

[image] Da The Lamb