Is this the Approval method? Can we switch to Condorcet? http://electionmethods.org/alt/evaluation.htm


This is the Jorgen-method. I came up with it. So far, I am the interpreter. Change as you see fit. ;) Btw, thanks for the URL!

After reading the page: It looks like as if we're doing something similar here. Condorcet and Approval both are specific to the one-vote-only restriction of "normal" voting. Our method here does take advantage from having the ability to recast votes easily - you can vote for your preferred choice, but when it becomes apparent that all of them are dropped, you can re-decide. This is a minor nitpick of course, since Condorcet allows the same if you think about this in advance.

For future votings, if we will have any, I guess we'll use Condorcet. Does anyone want to implement it?

NB: The Debian project uses Condorcet for the Debian Project Leader election. I was always wondering what they use. :-) The software is available from http://arch.debian.org/arch/private/srivasta/archive-2003/devotee/ (if i'm not mistaken about the URL)


The Approval method does allow as many votes as you want, so with the current votes all we would need to do is apply the algorithm, which is essentially the candidate who wins the most in pair-offs with each other candidate.


Concerning the Approval method: As in plurality voting, the votes are counted, and the candidate with the most votes wins.

So, according to this method, we already have a winner, but it did shift in the course of the vote.

For Condorcet, we lack the preferences, which we introduced "from behind" by allowing to shift the votes over time. :-)