Lisp in Munich

Welcome to the Lisp User Group in Munich, Germany.

If you are fond of languages in the Lisp family and live in or close to Munich, we're the perfect place to find fellow Lispers.

If you heard about the Lisp language and now are curious about it, just drop by and find people who love to talk about what makes Lisp so great, or why Lisp and all other programming languages suck!

Common Lisp, Scheme, ...

Although the majority of people in the group thinks that "Buddha is big, has hairy armpits, and laughs" (i.e. uses Common Lisp), we do not discriminate against those who live up with tiny standards (Scheme), or no standard at all (e.g. Clojure).


Coordination takes place via the munich-lisp mailinglist, be sure to subscribe so that you won't miss our meetings. It is quite low-traffic and the archive is public.


To give purpose to the meetings, each meeting is supposed to be initiated by an informal, short talk. That's your perfect opportunity to show off what you recently have done in Lisp!

After the talk we likely have a beer, or two, in some pub.

Note that although we are in Germany, the talks and much of the discussion is actually in English, so don't hesitate to bring your english-speaking friends along. If you do not feel savy speaking English, this is no problem as most of the people are actually German, happy to talk to you in Deutsch. :-)

Next meeting

Any next meetings planned ?


The LMU describes how to get there.

Discussion of new Location

Past meetings

These are not all, but there was a long, long break since the earlier meetings, so this user group can be considered reborn. We hope that this time it'll last, just like the Python user group which also needed a second try to get moving.

Future meeting topics

Add yourself if you've got some topic to give a short talk about. We can then decide after each meeting what the topic of the next meeting will be.