Has planet-scheme died? Are rumours of it's demise premature?


Rotty has vanished. Jens Axel S√łgaard has put up a temporary replacement at


Well, I've put something up at (IPv4).

Subscription requests here please

Not me, but consider:


Hmm, this seems to have no scheme category or so; I'd like to only aggregate feeds with a (heavy) focus on Scheme.


Please consider where I intend to place various Scheme-related writings somewhere between complete newbie and macro genius. Thank you! Paul R. Potts


This request has been here for a few weeks now... any response?

Discussion about features


Why not just add the folks on scheme-weblogs right away? These things come about faster if you just do them, and delete people who object, in the unlikely case that there are any.


Great. A small beginning, but I'm optimistic that this will encourage schemely folks to write weblogs. How is the planet-planet code? Is there any chance of filtering feeds by title? Looking for "scheme" under the <b> tags of my diary entries would allow me to keep my advogato diary on topic, for instance.

Postscript: Could you syndicate planet-scheme? If you have done, I can't find the URL.


Syndication: RSS 1.0 and 2.0 is now available.

Filtering: The Planet software has some rudimentary filtering, but certainly not something fancy as the rel-tag method you describe below. However, if I find some time, I'll implement a solution similiar as the one used by Planet Lisp, i.e. using only the Python feedparser module to write out the entries as S-Expressions, and then collect the newest ones and feed them thru some SSAX machinery to generate nice HTML. Then filtering on rel-tags would be easy to implement. The CL software that drives Planet Lisp is at, btw.


Better than the method I suggested before is using the rel-tag method (which I didn't suggest because I misunderstood it). See for the standard. The revised suggestion is that whenever a post contains an anchor like the following:

 <a href="--whatever-URL-preamble---/scheme" rel="tag" >scheme</a>

then it is a scheme relevant post. It's almost certainly better to use this than a homegrown standard.

My misunderstanding was that I thought the choice of URL was semantically significant: it's not, so <a href="" rel="tag" >scheme</a> and <a href="" rel="tag" >scheme</a> both mean the same thing, the difference being what happens when you click on the link.


Syndication: great!

Filtering: this sounds good. I don't think that you really need to parse the *ML, a regexp test would work 99.99% of the time.


Is it currently possible to filter posts by category?