New ideas inspiried by John McCarthy's ideas at the 2005 ILC confrence. Beyond-lisp namespace-srfi?

Who am I?

I am one of the wiki-gnome 's of Community-Scheme-Wiki along with others on category-userpages. I am currently learning scheme as a hobby. Currently I am reading the little-schemer and the seasoned-schemer .I will eventually read SICP. I am currently a citizen of the United States of America.

Contact Information

Interests / Hobbies

I play both the piano and baratone horn. I have an interest in mathematics and also write poetry in my free time. My poetry is available at http://1946875.tripod.com/Absolue.rtf .

Selection from collection


in the rain

The lonely hell
without a name

In the tattered

Looking at a
glimpse of an enigma

But then 
you see

It is only
the light

Piercing the 
dark clouds


Thoughts-on-A-LispOS kali-scheme-revival


I hereby proclaim r2q2 as the Great Categorizer of This Wiki. Thanks for the hard work!


The wiki looks great on a palm. Thank god for standards compliance :-)