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 (define (=zero? x) (apply-generic '=zero? x)) 
 ;; add into scheme-number-package 
 (put '=zero? 'scheme-number (lambda (x) (= x 0))) 
 ;; add into rational-number-package 
 (put '=zero? 'rational-number  
          (lambda (x) (= (number x) 0))) 
 ;; add into complex-number-package 
 (put '=zero? 'complex-number 
          (lambda (x) (= (real-part x) (imag-part x) 0))) 

In rational-number-package it should be (numer x) instead of (number x). I guess it is a typo.


A type-recursive version

 ;; Version - 1 
 (define (=zero? data) 
    ((number? data) (= data 0)) 
    ((eq? 'rational (type-tag data)) 
     (=zero? (contents data))) 
    ((eq? 'complex (type-tag data)) 
     (and (=zero? (real-part data)) 
          (=zero? (imag-part data)))) 
    (else (error "xxx")))) 
 ;; Version -2 
 (define (=zero? data) 
   (apply-generic '=zero? data)) 
 (define (install-scheme-number-package) 
   (put '=zero? '(scheme-number) 
        (lambda (x) (= x 0)))) ; scheme-number is the "base-type" 
 (define (install-rational-number-package) 
   (put '=zero? '(rational) 
        (lambda (x) (=zero? (numer x) 0)))) ;the numer part might be another type of number, for example a rational number 
 (define (install-complex-number-package) 
   (put '=zero? '(complex) 
        (lambda (x) 
          (and (=zero? (real-part x))  ; ibid 
               (=zero? (imag-part x)))))) ;ibid