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 ;; 4.44 
 (define (enumerate-interval low high) 
   (if (> low high) 
       (cons low (enumerate-interval (+ low 1) high)))) 
 (define (attack? row1 col1 row2 col2) 
   (or (= row1 row2) 
       (= col1 col2) 
       (= (abs (- row1 row2)) (abs (- col1 col2))))) 
 ;; positions is the list of row of former k-1 queens 
 (define (safe? k positions) 
   (let ((kth-row (list-ref positions (- k 1)))) 
     (define (safe-iter p col) 
       (if (>= col k) 
           (if (attack? kth-row k (car p) col) 
               (safe-iter (cdr p) (+ col 1))))) 
     (safe-iter positions 1))) 
 (define (list-amb li) 
   (if (null? li) 
       (amb (car li) (list-amb (cdr li))))) 
 (define (queens board-size) 
   (define (queen-iter k positions) 
     (if (= k board-size) 
         (let ((row (list-amb (enumerate-interval 1 board-size)))) 
           (let((new-pos (append positions (list row)))) 
             (require (safe? k new-pos)) 
             (queen-iter (+ k 1) new-pos))))) 
   (queen-iter 1 '())) 


 ;; a simpler version. 
 (define (an-integer-between a b) 
     (require (<= a b)) 
     (amb a (an-integer-between (+ a 1) b))) 
 ;;check if (car solution) is compatible with any of (cdr solution) 
 (define (safe? solution)  
     (let ((p (car solution))) 
         (define (conflict? q i) 
                 (= p q) 
                 (= p (+ q i)) 
                 (= p (- q i)))) 
         (define (check rest i) 
                 ((null? rest) #t) 
                 ((conflict? (car rest) i) #f) 
                 (else (check (cdr rest) (inc i))))) 
         (check (cdr solution) 1))) 
 (define (queens n) 
     (define (iter solution n-left) 
         (if (= n-left 0) 
                 (display solution) 
                 (let ((x-solution (cons (an-integer-between 1 n) solution))) 
                     (require (safe? x-solution)) 
                     (iter x-solution (- n-left 1)))))) 
     (iter '() n)) 
 (queens 8)