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 ;; in eval, add this: 
  ((let? expr) (evaln (let->combination expr) env)) 
 ;; let expression 
 (define (let? expr) (tagged-list? expr 'let)) 
 (define (let-vars expr) (map car (cadr expr))) 
 (define (let-inits expr) (map cadr (cadr expr))) 
 (define (let-body expr) (cddr expr)) 
 (define (let->combination expr) 
   (list (make-lambda (let-vars expr) (let-body expr)) 
         (let-inits expr))) 

Because the initial values for the vars serve as the remainder of the list (cdr) instead of a separate list, the let->combination should be defined using 'cons' instead of 'list'.

 (define (let->combination expr) 
   (cons (make-lambda (let-vars expr) (let-body expr)) 
         (let-inits expr)))