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(define (make-dataset)             
    (let ((dataset '()))            
        (define (adjoin! datum)
            (if (not (is-in-dataset? datum))
                (set! dataset (cons datum dataset))))                
        (define (print)
            (display dataset)
        (define (is-in-dataset? datum) ; private helper function
                ((symbol? datum) (memq datum dataset))
                ((list? datum) (member datum dataset))
                (else (error "Unknown data type -- IS-IN-dataset?" datum))))
        (define (dispatch message)
                ((eq? message 'adjoin!) adjoin!)
                ((eq? message 'print) (print))
                (else (error "Unknown operation -- DATASET" message))))

(define (adjoin-to-dataset! datum dataset)
    ((dataset 'adjoin!) datum))

(define (print-dataset dataset)
    (dataset 'print))

; the rest of this solution "overrides" existing functions in ch5-regsim.scm
    ; that is, they add a bit of functionality, then call the existing functions.
    ; this way, readers (the author included) don't have to compare code
        ; just to figure out what was added/changed.

; implemented as a "facade" in front of the old machine
(define (make-new-machine-5.12)             
  (let ((machine-regsim (make-new-machine-regsim)) ; "base object" or "delegate" 
                (list 'assign (make-dataset))
                (list 'branch (make-dataset))
                (list 'goto (make-dataset))
                (list 'perform (make-dataset))
                (list 'restore (make-dataset))
                (list 'save (make-dataset))
                (list 'test (make-dataset))

                (list 'goto-registers (make-dataset))
                (list 'save-registers (make-dataset))
                (list 'restore-registers (make-dataset))))
        ; register names are determined by the user, so these should be stored separately
            ; sure, it'd take one sick cookie to name a register 'goto',
            ; but a register named 'test' is not inconceivable.
            ; also, a user could technically manipulate pc and flag directly
                (list 'pc (make-dataset))
                (list 'flag (make-dataset)))))
    ; "public procedures"
    (define (allocate-register-5.12 name)        
      (set! assign-dataset-table
            (cons  ; no duplicate checking - original regsim will crash on that anyway
              (list name (make-dataset))
      ((machine-regsim 'allocate-register) name))
    (define (lookup-dataset name)
        (lookup-dataset-in-table name dataset-table))
    (define (lookup-assign-dataset name)
        (lookup-dataset-in-table name assign-dataset-table))   

    (define (print-all-datasets)
        (print-dataset-table dataset-table "Instructions and registers used")
        (print-dataset-table assign-dataset-table "Assignments"))      
    ; "private procedures" (cannot be invoked from outside the object) 
    (define (lookup-dataset-in-table name table)
        (let ((val (assoc name table)))
            (if val
                (cadr val)
                (error "dataset not found -- GET-DATASET-FROM-TABLE" name table))))      
    (define (print-dataset-table table title)
        (display title)
            (lambda (table-entry) 
                (display (car table-entry))
                (display ": ")
                (print-dataset (cadr table-entry)))
    ; expose public API
    (define (dispatch message)
        ; one override
        ((eq? message 'allocate-register) allocate-register-5.12)              

        ; new messages
        ((eq? message 'print-all-datasets) (print-all-datasets))
        ((eq? message 'lookup-dataset) lookup-dataset)
        ((eq? message 'lookup-assign-dataset) lookup-assign-dataset)

        ; punt everything else to "base class" / delegate - INCLUDING error handling
        (else (machine-regsim message))))                         

(define (make-execution-procedure-5.12 inst labels machine pc flag stack ops)  
    (let ((dataset ((machine 'lookup-dataset) (car inst))))
        (adjoin-to-dataset! (cdr inst) dataset))    
    (make-execution-procedure-regsim inst labels machine pc flag stack ops))    

(define (make-goto-5.12 inst machine labels pc) 
    (let ((dest (goto-dest inst)))  ; duplicated 2 lines of supporting logic
        (if (register-exp? dest)
            (let ((dataset ((machine 'lookup-dataset) 'goto-registers)))
                (adjoin-to-dataset! (register-exp-reg dest) dataset))))                 
    (make-goto-regsim inst machine labels pc)) ; punt to ch5-regsim.scm
(define (make-save-5.12 inst machine stack pc)        
    (let ((dataset ((machine 'lookup-dataset) 'save-registers)))
        (adjoin-to-dataset! (stack-inst-reg-name inst) dataset))
    (make-save-regsim inst machine stack pc))

(define (make-restore-5.12 inst machine stack pc)                       
    (let ((dataset ((machine 'lookup-dataset) 'restore-registers)))
        (adjoin-to-dataset! (stack-inst-reg-name inst) dataset))
    (make-restore-regsim inst machine stack pc))      

(define (make-assign-5.12 inst machine labels operations pc)    
    (let ((dataset ((machine 'lookup-assign-dataset) (assign-reg-name inst))))
        (adjoin-to-dataset! (assign-value-exp inst) dataset))
    (make-assign-regsim inst machine labels operations pc))        

; -------------------------------------------------------------------------
; example usage.
(load "ch5-regsim.scm")

; make the overrides official.
(define make-new-machine-regsim make-new-machine) 
(define make-new-machine make-new-machine-5.12) 

(define make-goto-regsim make-goto) 
(define make-goto make-goto-5.12)

(define make-save-regsim make-save) 
(define make-save make-save-5.12)

(define make-restore-regsim make-restore) 
(define make-restore make-restore-5.12)

(define make-assign-regsim make-assign) 
(define make-assign make-assign-5.12)

(define make-execution-procedure-regsim make-execution-procedure) 
(define make-execution-procedure make-execution-procedure-5.12)

(define fib-machine (make-machine ;register-names ops controller-text
    '(n val continue)
    (list (list '< <) (list '- -) (list '+ +))
    '(  ; from ch5.scm
           (assign continue (label fib-done))
           (test (op <) (reg n) (const 2))
           (branch (label immediate-answer))
           ;; set up to compute Fib(n-1)
           (save continue)
           (assign continue (label afterfib-n-1))
           (save n)                           ; save old value of n
           (assign n (op -) (reg n) (const 1)); clobber n to n-1
           (goto (label fib-loop))            ; perform recursive call
         afterfib-n-1                         ; upon return, val contains Fib(n-1)
           (restore n)
           (restore continue)
           ;; set up to compute Fib(n-2)
           (assign n (op -) (reg n) (const 2))
           (save continue)
           (assign continue (label afterfib-n-2))
           (save val)                         ; save Fib(n-1)
           (goto (label fib-loop))
         afterfib-n-2                         ; upon return, val contains Fib(n-2)
           (assign n (reg val))               ; n now contains Fib(n-2)
           (restore val)                      ; val now contains Fib(n-1)
           (restore continue)
           (assign val                        ; Fib(n-1)+Fib(n-2)
                   (op +) (reg val) (reg n)) 
           (goto (reg continue))              ; return to caller, answer is in val
           (assign val (reg n))               ; base case: Fib(n)=n
           (goto (reg continue))

(fib-machine 'print-all-datasets)


; added ((machine 'gather-info) controller-text) in `make-machine
; added ((eq? message 'gather-info) (lambda (controller-text) 
; (gather-info controller-text))
; added ((eq? message 'get-info) (lambda (type) (assoc type information)))
; to `make-new-machine
; use:
; ((<machine> 'get-info) <info-type>)
; for example:
; ((recursive-fib-machine 'get-info) 'entry-points)
; ((<machine> 'get-info) <reg-name>))

; to maintain abstraction. 
(define (get-info machine info)
  ((machine 'get-info) info))

(define (gather-info controller-text)
  (define (gather inst-type insts)
    (if debug
     (format #t "\n ~a \n" insts))      
    (define (gather-iter gathered left lst)
      (if debug
       (format #t "gather-iter: \n
                  gatehered: ~a \n
                  lst: ~a \n" gathered lst))
      (cond ((null? lst) (list (cons inst-type gathered)
            ((not (pair? (car lst)))
             (gather-iter gathered left (cdr lst)))
            ((eq? inst-type
                  (caar lst))
             (if (member (car lst)
                 (gather-iter gathered left (cdr lst))
                 (gather-iter (cons (car lst) gathered)
                              left (cdr lst))))
             (gather-iter gathered (cons (car lst) left)
                          (cdr lst)))))
    (gather-iter '() '() insts))
  (define (gather-entry-points gotos)
    (define (gather-iter gathered lst)
      (if (null? lst)
          (list 'entry-points gathered)
          (let ((dest (goto-dest (car lst))))
            (if (register-exp? dest)
                (gather-iter (cons (register-exp-reg dest)
                             (cdr lst))
                (gather-iter gathered (cdr lst))))))
    (list (gather-iter '() gotos))
  (define (gather-saved-reg saved)
    (list (cons 'stacked-ref (map (lambda (x)
                                    (stack-inst-reg-name x)) saved))))
  (define (gather-sources assigns)
  (define (sources-iter reg gathered left lst)
    (cond ((null? lst)
           (list (list reg gathered) left))
          ((eq? reg (assign-reg-name (car lst)))
           (sources-iter reg
                         (cons (cddr (car lst))
                         (cdr lst)))
           (sources-iter reg gathered
                         (cons (car lst)
                         (cdr lst)))))
  (define (sources-loop insts)
    (if (null? insts)
        (let* ((reg (assign-reg-name (car insts)))
               (srcs (sources-iter reg '() '()
          (cons (car srcs)
                (sources-loop (cadr srcs))))))
  (sources-loop assigns))
  (let* ((assigns
          (gather 'assign controller-text))
          (gather 'test (cadr assigns)))
          (gather 'branch (cadr tests)))
          (gather 'goto (cadr branches)))
          (gather 'save (cadr gotos)))
          (gather 'restore (cadr saves)))
          (gather 'perform (cadr restores)))
          (gather-entry-points (cdar gotos)))
          (gather-saved-reg (cdar saves)))
          (gather-sources (cdar assigns)))
           (cons 'registers (map car sources)))))
     (map (lambda (x)
            (car x))
          (list assigns tests branches gotos saves
                restores performs))
     entry-points stacked sources registers)))