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 ;; if the variable is unbounded, cons 'unbound with it;  
 ;; otherwise, cons 'bounded with it. then we can use 
 ;; car to judge it's bounded or not. 
 (define (lookup-variable-value var env) 
   (define (env-loop env) 
     (define (scan vars vals) 
       (cond ((null? vars) 
              (env-loop (enclosing-environment env))) 
             ((eq? var (car vars)) 
              (cons 'bounded (car vals)))              ;; **** 
             (else (scan (cdr vars) (cdr vals))))) 
     (if (eq? env the-empty-environment) 
             (cons 'unbounded '())                        ;; *** 
         (let ((frame (first-frame env))) 
           (scan (frame-variables frame) 
                 (frame-values frame))))) 
   (env-loop env)) 
 (define (bound-variable? var) 
  (and (pair? var) (eq? (car var) 'bounded))) 
 (define (extract-variable-value var) 
  (cdr var)) 
   (assign val (op lookup-variable-value) (reg exp) (reg env)) 
   (test (op bound-variable?) (reg val)) 
   (branch (label bound-variable)) 
   (assign val (const unbounded-variable-error)) 
   (goto (label signal-error))  
   (assign val (op extract-variable-value) (reg val)) 
   (goto (reg continue)) 


The same thing must also be done with ev-assignment. And set-variable-value. And for b.

 (define safe-primitives 
   (list car cdr /)) 
 (define (apply-primitive-procedure proc args) 
   (if debug 
    (display (list 'apply-primitive proc args)) (newline)) 
   (let ((primitive (primitive-implementation proc))) 
     (if (member primitive safe-primitives) 
         (safe-apply primitive args)     ; ex 5.30 b 
          primitive args)))) 
 (define (safe-apply proc args)          ; ex 5.30 b 
   (if debug 
    (display 'safe-apply) (newline)) 
   (cond ((or (eq? proc car) 
              (eq? proc cdr)) 
          (safe-car-cdr proc args)) 
         ((eq? proc /) 
          (safe-division proc args)) 
          (list 'primitive-error proc args)))) 
 (define (primitive-error? val)          ; ex 5.30 b 
   (tagged-list? val 'primitive-error)) 
 (define (safe-car-cdr proc args)        ; ex 5.30 b 
   (if debug 
    (display (list 'safe-car-cdr args)) 
   (if (not (pair? (car args)))          ; args is a list (args '()) 
       (list 'primitive-error 'arg-not-pair) 
       (apply-in-underlying-scheme proc args))) 
 (define (safe-division proc args)       ; ex 5.30 b 
   (if (= 0 (cadr args)) 
       (cons 'primitive-error 'division-by-zero) 
       (apply-in-underlying-scheme proc args))) 
 ; and this is added to the evaluator. 
        (assign val (op apply-primitive-procedure) 
                    (reg proc) 
                    (reg argl)) 
        (test (op primitive-error?) (reg val)) ; ex 5.30 b 
        (branch (label primitive-error)) 
        (restore continue) 
        (goto (reg continue)) 
        (restore continue)               ; clean up stack from apply-dispatch 
        (goto (label signal-error))