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Chapter 1. Building Abstractions with Procedures

1.1 The Elements of Programming

1.2 Procedures and the Processes They Generate

1.3 Formulating Abstractions with Higher-Order Procedures

Chapter 2. Building Abstractions with Data

Chapter 3. Modeling with Mutable Data

Chapter 4. Metalinguistic Abstraction

Chapter 5. Computing with Register Machines


Hey guys i have also put part of my sicp solution on blogger .I'd like to hear from you,my email is lenatis@gmail,comments and contact are welcome!!

Ivan Veselov

There is a wiki dedicated to SICP with solutions available in Scheme, Haskell and Oberon. Also discussions of solutions are present.


Some solutions I have completed

 ;;This program computes the cube root of a number. It also is in block structure 
 (define (exercise-1.8 x) 
   (define (good-enough? guess) 
     (< (abs (- (cube guess) x)) 0.0001)) 
   (define (cubert-iter guess) 
     (if (good-enough? guess) 
         (cubert-iter (improve guess)))) 
   (define (improve guess) 
     (/ (+ (/ x (* guess guess)) (* 2 guess)) 3)) 
   (define (cube y) (* y y y)) 
   (cubert-iter 1.0)) 

You might try this again after completing exercise 1.7; it has the same problems the sqrt defined in the text has.

 ;;Note f(n) is in recursive form  
 (define (f n) 
   (cond ((< n 3) n) 
         ((>= n 3) 
           (f (- n 1)) 
           (* 2 (f (- n 2))) 
           (* 3 (f (- n 3))))))) 
 (f 0) 
 (f 5) 
 (f 10) 


In the same vein, I've been posting SICP solutions on my blog:

Comments and criticism welcome.


I have solved as well most of the exercises. I tried to do them in a systematic and explanatory way so others can benefit from using them.


I began posting my "readings" and exercise solutions of SICP in my blog: The examples and solutions are rewritten in Common Lisp instead of Scheme.

Brit Butler

I've also begun blogging my SICP solutions in scheme and providing a little commentary.


My attempt to complete SICP book here