The following is the CSW home page (as of 2004-09-20), converted to SXML by reading it with SSAX:

    (title "Community-Scheme-Wiki") 
    (base (@ (href ""))) 
    (link (@ (type "text/css") (rel "stylesheet") (href "/scheme.css")))) 
    (h1 (a (@ (href "?c=s&key=[[Community-Scheme-Wiki]]")) "Community-Scheme-Wiki")) 
     (@ (align "right")) 
     (a (@ (href "?c=r")) "[Recent Changes]") 
     (a (@ (href "?c=a")) "[All Pages]") 
     (a (@ (href "?wiki-howto")) "[Wiki Howto]") 
     (a (@ (href "?p=Community-Scheme-Wiki&c=e")) "[Edit]") 
     (a (@ (href "?p=Community-Scheme-Wiki&c=h")) "[Edit History]") 
      (@ (style "margin:0pt; padding:0pt") (method "POST") (action "")) 
      (input (@ (value "s") (type "hidden") (style "margin:0pt; padding:0pt") (name "c"))) 
      (span "Search:" (input (@ (type "text") (size "10") (name "key")))))) 
    (h2 (@ (id "H-ah0dto")) "Welcome to the Community Scheme Wiki\n") 
     "This wiki is about anything even remotely related to the programming\nlanguage Scheme (see " 
     (a (@ (href "?what-is-scheme")) "what-is-scheme") 
     ") and the people that use it.\nThat is a very general statement, and this wiki is meant to be very\ngeneral. It's for, by and about the community that has evolved about\nScheme.\n") 
     "There are in fact quite a few " 
     (a (@ (href "?scheme-wikis")) "scheme-wikis") 
     " out there, but they are\nmostly centered around the various implementations. The only one that\nisn't is " 
     (a (@ (href "?The-Scheme-Cookbook")) "The-Scheme-Cookbook") 
     " which has a pretty narrow mission on\nits own.\n") 
     "Please read the " 
     (a (@ (href "?wiki-howto")) "wiki-howto") 
     " before editing, inform yourself\nabout the " 
     (a (@ (href "?wiki-license")) "wiki-license") 
     " under which you distribute your\ncontribution, and test in the " 
     (a (@ (href "?sand-box")) "sand-box") 
     " how the editing works.\n") 
    (h4 (@ (id "H-mcy6jt")) "Announcements!\n") 
    (p "We're actively looking for a logo! Artists, get out your pencils and\nsubmit to the " (a (@ (href "?logo-contest")) "logo-contest") "! \n") 
     (a (@ (href "?r2q2")) "r2q2") 
     " is also looking for a theme song! Get out your guitar and submit lyrics etc.. \nto the " 
     (a (@ (href "?theme-song-contest")) "theme-song-contest") 
     "We are going to submit an announcement on the newsgroup " 
     (a (@ (href "")) "comp.lang.scheme") 
     ". Please review our\n" 
     (a (@ (href "?cls-announcement")) "cls-announcement")) 
    (h3 (@ (id "H-1375clj")) "Starting Points\n") 
      "About " 
      (a (@ (href "?category-this-wiki")) "category-this-wiki") 
      " - What are we about?  Check out our help page " 
      (a (@ (href "?wiki-howto")) "wiki-howto") 
      " and play in the " 
      (a (@ (href "?sandbox")) "sandbox") 
      "Check " 
      (a (@ (href "")) "recent-changes") 
      " to see how things have changed.  There is also the " 
      (a (@ (href "")) "rssmix") 
      ", a combined rss feed.  " 
      (a (@ (href "?category-userpage")) "category-userpage") 
      " showcases our not-so-anonymous contributors.\n") 
      "We have already started categorizing so check " 
      (a (@ (href "?category-category")) "category-category") 
      ", but we need your help on creating new content, especially content that doesn't belong to any particular category.\n") 
      "Need help learning scheme, check out " 
      (a (@ (href "?category-learning-scheme")) "category-learning-scheme") 
      " and " 
      (a (@ (href "?category-texts")) "category-texts") 
      ".  See some examples on " 
      (a (@ (href "?category-code")) "category-code") 
      ".  Pick up an implementation from " 
      (a (@ (href "?category-implementations")) "category-implementations") 
      " and get to fun!  \n") 
      "Check out " 
      (a (@ (href "?category-research")) "category-research") 
      " for research related topics connected with sheme, Or if you are into the real world, there is always " 
      (a (@ (href "?category-software")) "category-software") 
      " showcasing Programs and software packages written in Scheme\n") 
     (li (a (@ (href "?category-other-communities")) "category-other-communities") " - We're not alone!\n") 
     (li (a (@ (href "?category-humor")) "category-humor") " - When you just have to laugh.\n")) 
     (@ (style "text-align:right") (class "footer")) 
     "Last modified : 2004-09-20 22:50:53 GMT" 
     (a (@ (href "")) "WiLiKi 0.5-tekili-5") 
     " running on " 
     (a (@ (href "")) "Gauche")))))