Unit testing is a very specific style of testing, whereby you test each unit (function/object/method) of code. It was (developed? popularized?) by the Extreme Programming crowd, and they use it in a context of test-first programming, also called test driven development.

Test Driven Development in a Nutshell

  1. Write a few simple test cases that show what the specific code is supposed to achieve
  2. Write stub routines.
  3. Run the tests. Everything should fail.
  4. Write enough code to make sure that all of your tests pass.

If you write good enough tests, you will have just the right amount of code to finish the particular task at hand. Not too much, and not to little.

Note, that you do not necessarily have to practise test-first programming to unit test. Unit testing is simply writing tests for your code. Test-first programming is writing the tests before the code.

REPL as Unit Tester

Chances are you're already unit testing, at least to one degree or another. Any time when you're coding, and you flip over to the [REPL] to see if your procedure is behaving the way you want it to, you are unit testing.

Automating the Process

Instead of just putting random shotgun style tests in the [REPL], one could express the tests in a procedure. This way you can always execute that procedure as you work your way through your code. When you come back to that code months later you can be (more) confident that the routine still works by running the test, and you have examples as to how that code is actually used.

Once you have done that, then you can get into things like reporting and grouping tests into suites.

Unit Test Packages

Check your scheme implementation. It might have its own unit testing package, if not....

See Also:

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http://www.treese.org/scheme-boston/2003-02.html is a short transcript of a session on unit testing with the schematics unit test package