Add here stuff that does not work the way you want it to.

If you want to try your hand at fixing a bug or adding a feature, the source for WiLiKi is available.

Important bugs

None. Yay.

Wishlist bugs (aka feature requests)

User management



Oddmuse does that by allowing pages to be gotten "raw", that is, without headers, footers or markup, and just specifying the CSS page in the stylesheet part of the documents. Do we want this as well?

Update: WiLiKi can deliver the raw content using c=lv, but prefixes it with some stuff :(


What does that mean?


Well, some wiki pages are used for "maintenance" or wiki configuration. Right now, scheme-keywords is the only such page, but there might be more to come in the future. So, a general framework that checks syntax for specific pages on commit might be useful. I don't know for sure, it was an idea someone head, and so we put it here for later reference.



This sounds appealing at first, but it has big maintenance drawbacks and makes the wiki more difficult to use in total.


What can't you do right now? Else this has the same problem as above.


3 words. Cross Site Scripting. This alone makes this not just a wontfix, but probably a neverfix.