On wiki pages, people often want to comment on the content - bring in personal experience, or make a point for a different view - without that being clearly "more correct" or "better" then the current content. Then it's time to add a comment. On the Community Scheme Wiki, that's easy. A comment looks like this:

 Well, I think not.

This is turned into the following when displayed:


Well, I think not.

The following works as well, and puts this comment in the backlinks of your user page:

Well, I think not.

To add that nifty image, put an image URL on your user-page prepended with portrait:, i.e.:


The image will be resized to 48x48 pixels, so it's best to have the image in that size already (else you cause unecessary traffic).


Comments disrupt the normal state of a wiki page, which is a coherent text. See the following URLs for more information about this: