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sicp-ex-4.513:48:49(10 hours ago)I think the #f would not work, as it is code, not data.
sicp-ex-2.507:32:27(1 day ago)for a better view
sicp-ex-2.503:28:05(1 day ago)modify some wrongs in chekkal's codes
Community-Scheme-Wiki08:38:08(4 days ago)Cleaned up work in progress
server-software-upgrade08:34:55(4 days ago)Added latest upgrade
server-migration08:32:41(4 days ago)Fix date
server-migration08:32:18(4 days ago)Add info about new migration
Community-Scheme-Wiki08:28:10(4 days ago)Announce server migration
sicp-ex-3.2503:58:23(6 days ago)There is one bug in the code. {{{ (put '(math +) 44) (get '(math +)) will not update the existing value at all. }}}