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sicp-ex-1.2903:53:55(3 days ago)added new method
sicp-ex-1.3709:37:45(5 days ago)The last solution presented was wrong, because it calculated the k-term continued fraction Nk/(Dk + Nk-1/(Dk-1 + ... The test case presented worked because it was a special case of Ni,Di = 1,1 for all i.
sicp-ex-5.4800:54:18(7 days ago)Fixed the link to the previous exercise
sicp-ex-1.2918:36:53(7 days ago)Changed the wording of the last solution a little.
sicp-ex-1.2918:27:30(7 days ago)Added another solution.
sicp-ex-1.304:17:53(9 days ago)Removed because same solution
sicp-ex-5.4818:51:48(10 days ago)Added another answer.
sicp-ex-5.4717:43:30(10 days ago)Added an answer
sicp-ex-5.4601:22:27(11 days ago)small edit.
sicp-ex-5.4601:21:54(11 days ago)Added an answer.
sicp-ex-5.4522:30:53(11 days ago)Added a modified compile-proc-appl that get the fact machine the same speed and space that the hand-coded factorial machine.
sicp-ex-5.4522:10:38(11 days ago)Added an answer to b.
sicp-ex-5.3822:06:21(11 days ago)Fixed another bug in compile-*
sicp-ex-5.3819:41:55(11 days ago)fixed bug in compile-*
sicp-ex-5.4419:31:56(11 days ago)Added a link to my answer on another page.
sicp-ex-5.3819:28:57(11 days ago)Added A corrected answer to avoid a bug in meteorgan's code.
sicp-ex-5.4202:45:00(12 days ago)Added an answer including compile-assignment. And 2 test expressions.