The little schemer

[image] This book is an introduction to thinking about computing by learning how to think recursively. It uses a restricted form of Scheme to do this. It introduces these topics as a series of dialogues (organized into chapters) that are both humorous and easy to grasp. Footnotes are given to use the code in a Scheme (see category-implementations) or common-lisp environment. Previous editions of this book are called The Little Lisper. The continuation to this book is the seasoned-schemer. Its website is at

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So far I am reading this book. I have gone through the first 5 chapters and I really like it. It presents topics in a straightforward manner. The exercises provided for the book (on the website) are outdated but somewhat useable. The later part of the book covers a simple lisp interpreter. This book is intended for someone who knows nothing about programming or computer science so I wouldn't recommend it to a person that already knows how to code.


Although very special in its style of writing it's really fun to read it and to answer the questions given. I think it's a really good way to start programming in scheme right from the beginning. Even from the first exercises you have to do something and you will get deep into the concepts of the language. Although there is not much said beside the small set of operators used throughout this book.