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This is, IMHO, one of the things which doesn't help to bring new users to the community. OK, we have the very nice PLT-Scheme IDE, but still many things are lacking and although the PLT team is doing a really nice job a more professional looking, with integrated debugger, tracer, profiler, code highlighting, documentation viewer should be developed. You are probably thinking that PLT-Scheme already has almost everything but still it has many drawbacks. It's memory consuming and the WxWidgets underlying PLT-Scheme is quite old giving it a very ugly appearance. Not that we need a very pretty thing (it would be nice) but a good IDE under emacs would already be quite nice. Quack is also good but much is missing and needs to be done. Unfortunately, my time programming in Scheme is going to my own work and there's not much free time to do such a thing, still a work on a nice (hopefully cross-scheme) should be considered.

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