SLIME48 is an implementation the SLIME back end for Scheme48.

SLIME48 is available in two forms: a tarball at or a darcs repository at

It is currently released in the public domain.

Send questions, comments, bugs, feature requests, &c., to the email address formed with the little-endian order of net.mumble with the username campbell; or address them to Riastradh at #scheme-on-freenode.

File Variables

`scheme48-package' will be set buffer-locally in a file's buffer if its first line is of this form:

    -*- Mode: Scheme; scheme48-package: PACKAGE -*-

This will also ensure that `scheme-mode' is the default mode for editing the file. If `PACKAGE' is a symbol, it will be interpreted as the name of a Scheme48 package. It can also be the list `(config)' or the list `(scratch)', and the file's Scheme48 package will then be the config package or the user/scratch package, respectively.