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  ;; Not a comment
  I like it RAW!!!

Asterisk for Header, ey?

I just added this

Is this a table A B C
And this works too?

this emphasis and this more

  1. this is a list test
  2. numbered

And you can have normal text as well, right?


Have fun with Scheme pre-formatting :

 ; lisp-01-animals.scm 
 (define (wag-tail ) 
   (display "I am wagging my tail\n")) 
 (define (bark) 
   (display "I am barking\n")) 
 (define (scurry) 
   (display "I am scurrying\n")) 
 (define (squeak) 
   (display "I am squeaking\n")) 
 (define (rub-legs) 
   (display "I am rubbing your legs\n"))(define (scratch-carpet) 
   (display "I am scratching the carpet\n")) 
 (define (behave animal) 
   ((cdr (assoc 'behaviour animal)))) 
 (define dog  
   `((behaviour . ,(lambda ()  
 (define cat 
   `((behaviour . ,(lambda () 
 (define rabbit 
   `((behaviour . ,(lambda () 
 (behave dog) 
 (behave cat) 
 (behave rabbit) 
 ; consider using make-object-property and set! instead of this association 
 ; list 
 ; the right syntax to execute the functions is exactly as Common Lisp 
 ; guile> ((lambda () (wag-tail) (bark)))  
 ; I am wagging my tail 
 ; I am barking 
 ; the following quote from #scheme on FreeNode is a great explanation of why 
 ; this works 
 ; <Catfive> dcorking - the key here is something called quasiquotation.  ` (the backtick) is shorthand for (quasiquote ...) which is a quoted expression that allows you to escape out of it using the forms , (unquote) and ,@ (unquote-splicing). 
 ; <Catfive> sarahbot, eval '(a b c) 
 ; <sarahbot> (a b c) 
 ; <Catfive> sarahbot, eval `(a b c) 
 ; <sarahbot> (a b c) 
 ; <Catfive> sarahbot, eval `(a ,(+ 1 1) c) 
 ; <sarahbot> (a 2 c) 
 ; <dcorking> aha - so that means that lambda is evaluate at dogs 'define time' but the property name 'beahviour is quoted ans so not evaluated 
 ; <dcorking> eek my typing :( but quasiquote - your demo explanation and bug fix are all very cool