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These are lectures based upon the classic computer science text SICP. It was filmed and presented to employees at HP. It may help to read the book while viewing but it isn't necessary. (Conversely, watching the videos is helpful to understanding the book, as you can watch the examples take shape and some examples are slightly different, putting the important features in relief.) There is sicp-text-to-video-map which is a description of which chapters go to which lectures found in the video format.

edit-hint If you have seen them give your thoughts on it.


Well if it wasn't for the videos I don't know if I would be hacking scheme today.

When I first heard about Scheme I went over to #scheme-on-freenode and found out about the videos and SICP watched some of them and found it most enlightening and then after reading some of SICP I ordered the book.

Both a must watch/read.