What is the Seasoned Schemer

[image] This is the continuation of the little-schemer. It covers higher-order-functions? (much more in depth than the little-schemer) and introduces set! and continuations . It is written in the style of the little-schemer in that it presents its topics as a series of dialogues organized into chapters. The language it uses is an idealized scheme with only a few language constructs which cover the "core" of Scheme . Its website is at The continuation of this book is reasoned-schemer .

Syntax-Rules Implementations of forms not found in the seasoned schemer

The seasoned schemer makes use of letcc and try which aren't in r5rs scheme. Here are implementations using syntax-rules

 (define-syntax letcc 
  (syntax-rules () 
    ((letcc var body ...) 
       (lambda (var)  body ... ))))) 
 (define-syntax try 
  (syntax-rules () 
    ((try var a . b) 
     (letcc success 
       (letcc var (success a)) . b)))) 

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